Further Update on Lem Nath Case

The following is a brief update on the Lem Nath case, following up on the blog posts below.

Most recently, after the court denied bail to Lem Nath, she was taken to court for questioning on Thursday the 26th of August. She has not been convicted yet. However, as one of her daughters declared on that day, “[when] on 17th August 2010, over 100 people went to the Provincial Court to help my mother […] the Commune Chief said he [would] arrest my mother to put [her] in a dark jail and will buy presents from Kompong Thom market for the people […] He has tried to break my mother’s supporters.”

Lem Nat’s picture along the way from jail to the court for questioning.

Further, after Thursday judiciary session, lem Nath herself declared, “I am sick and please help me, I didn’t make any fault and I don’t want to stay in the jail.”

On of her daughtrers who has been assisting her tremendously in her work and during the court trial.

Strey Khmer is continuing to work on legal assistance and monitoring.


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