Forced Labor Must be Attacked at Roots to Protect Workers

Mu Sochua. Cambodia Daily. September 06, 2010

A 25 year-old woman from Prey Veng province is desperately looking for help to avoid getting her land confiscated by the employment agency that has trained her as preparation for a job in Malaysia.

She wants to back out of the contract she signed with the agency, fearing her fate would be the as that of so many young women who have returned to Cambodia after their dream of a brighter future working as maids has actually resulted in a more difficult life.

She was told that she would have to repay the agency for the passport, visa and training costs they provided. She is more than desperate as she has in her hand an order from police to appear for questioning.

In the past few months, a series of recent articles about two labor recruitment first accused of illegally detaining hundreds of women seeking employment abroad have been reported by local and international media.

Read the full The Cambodia daily article.


One response to “Forced Labor Must be Attacked at Roots to Protect Workers

  1. usually the gov always turn a blind eye on this….. they dont care about what has happened to the people….

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