Seven MPs Take the Stage

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Original version in Spanish here.

Mu Sochua (Cambodia), Mukhtar Mai (Pakistan), Farida Azizi (Afghanistan), Inez McCormack (Northern Ireland), Hafsat Abiola(Nigeria), Anabella de Leon (Guatemala), Marina Pisklakova Parker(Russia). These seven women are examples of female fighters. Each from its place, have faced huge challenges in realizing that sometimes the individual is able to change the course of history.

To remember their efforts and encourage others, seven MPs will take the stage and perform ‘Seven’, a play that brings the viewer to the battlefield.

“It is a very exciting and moving. These are the stories and experiences of these women,” says MP Cecilia Wikström (Alde). The Swedish politician has been the promoter of the project in the European Parliament. The play is in charge of giving body and voice to Cambodian Sochua, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her fight against human trafficking and sexual abuse.

“These stories communicate values that cross political groups. This is demonstrated by the willingness of my colleagues from different political groups to participate,” adds Wikström.

The Romanian Renate Weber (Alde) notes that the stories told in the book are of women who “had the courage to defy their own destiny, their societies and the long tradition of abuse. In this way, they have positively influenced the lives of thousands and thousands of other women. ” She plays the Russian Pisklakova Parker, who founded the first hotline for victims of domestic violence.

The other actresses are politicians: Tanja Fajon (Eslovenia. S & D),Marielle Gallo (France. EPP), Eva Lichtenberger (Greens Austria.)Sargentini Judith (Netherlands. Verdes), Eleni Theocharous (Chipre. PPE)

The artistic director of ‘Seven’ is Hedda Krausz Sjögren, of the Swedish National Theater Company ( Riksteatern ). “‘Seven’ is a theater project that involves many people. Now that the politicians of the European Parliament are on stage to give voice to these activists for women’s rights, human rights issues are placed in the spotlight “she explains.

The work shall be shown on the 8 and 9 December in Brussels. The text was written by Ruth Margraff, Anna Deveare-Smith, Susan Yankowitz, Carol K.Mack, Paula Cizmar, Catherine Filloux and Gail Kriegel, based on interviews with activists. Two of them, Sochua and Hafsat Abiola, will participate in a debate after the event.

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