Sochua to Speak at The University of Hong Kong


Building a Women’s Movement to Defend Human Rights

Friday, 25 March 2011, 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Room LG103, LG1 Floor, KK Leung Building
The University of Hong Kong


Mu Sochua, a member of the Cambodian Parliament and advocate for human rights, gained her freedom from the Khmer Rouge as a girl when her parents put her on a plane to Paris in 1972. After 18 years of exile and a successful career in the U.S. as a social worker, Sochua returned to Cambodia and found her country transformed into what Time magazine called “a pervert’s paradise”, where women and girls were so devalued that becoming a sex worker was a common fate.

As Cambodia’s first woman seated as Minister of Women’s Affairs, Sochua negotiated an agreement with Thailand allowing Cambodian women trafficked as sex workers there to return to their home country in lieu of being jailed. She is the author and defender of the Domestic Violence Law in the Cambodian Parliament, and has served the women of her nation as an unrelenting advocate for the preservation and full practice of women’s rights.

Please email Flora Leung at to reserve a place.


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