Access to Social Media Necessary for Democracy in Cambodia

This development with social media in Asia and the countries mentioned in this interview is worth noticing for those of us in Cambodia.

The critical mass of users of social media will be reached in Cambodia as well. This is not just a trend but a fundamental need to practice and enjoy our freedom of speech, our freedom to receive and to exchange information.

Like any freedom, full access to social media should be protected and encouraged.

Let us not allow dictatorship to invade our lives through its censorship.

We see the the blocking of KI Media by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (orders made by an official at the ministry as evidence). I still can not have access to KI Media, although it is accessible by others.

As it is said in the interview, any blocking is a violation of the the Trade Agreement. Vietnam is well aware and is behaving.

Use social media as much as we can, spread it as far as we can. This is the tool by which change can happen and we have seen it happen in the Arab world and the wind for change is not stopping there.


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