Cambodia – Domestic Violence Handbook for Village Facilitators

Domestic violence remains a private affair despite the nation-wide awareness campaign and the adoption of the Domestic Violence Law in 2006.

Provisions exist in the law for immediate intervention of local authorities to enter the home where violence is taking place and the court order against perpetrator.

Women are often reluctant to file a complaint for fear of retaliation and because of shame.

< /div>The legal process that is tedious and tainted with corruption is also the factor that leaves domestic violence inside the home.



Direct Link to Full 144-Page Document:

This handbook contains guidelines for village facilitators on how to undertake community conversations on 10 different aspects of domestic violence in Cambodia.

“Domestic violence against women remains widespread in Cambodia….The subject of domestic violence is not openly discussed in public, and abuses are rarely reported in Cambodia. The reasons behind this are complicated and often intermingled. Lack of education and awareness of legal rights are a major cause….More than 25% of women who have been subjected to sexual and physical domestic violence, do not think they have been abused….Fear of retaliation and financial costs – which most Cambodian women can’t afford – to bring a case to court or even obtain a medical certificate from a doctor to prove the abuse, also discourages many Cambodian women from taking legal action….Above all, cultural elements as well as widely accepted norms of conduct for women seem to be the biggest and the most disturbing factors in the persistence of domestic violence….”


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