Theory and Practice of Pluralism in Asia – A Liberal View

Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats

Conference on 4-7 November 2011 in Bali, Indonesia

The conference will bring together government officials, parliamentarians, party leaders, academics and civil society activists to discuss the relationship between pluralism and development in Asia

The event aims to: 1) tackle the issues and problems related to the

theory and practice of pluralism in Asia, and consequently, to facilitate a broader understanding and greater appreciation of pluralism among the participants; 2) to identify and discuss the links between pluralism and development, and the extent to which pluralism can serve as a tool for both political and human development; 3) to analyze the cases of Asian countries where Islamic pluralism serves as a means to achieve and sustain democracy and development; and 4) to provide the means of cooperation, exchange of ideas, interchange of information and network-building among and between

liberal parties and organizations with pluralist and developmental orientation and vision.

Panel 6:

MP, Mu Sochua -Chair of CALD Women’s Caucus will present a paper on

Pluralism and Human Development: Pluralist Underpinnings of Economic Growth, Social Cohesion, and Environmental Sustainability .


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