Going to Malaysia as a Human Being – Returned in a Box as Ashes

The family sent their loving 18 year-old daughter to Malaysia as a domestic worker. Less than a year later, the daughter returned as ashes.

The family is seen carrying ashed of their daughter.

With help from the Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau of the Ministry of Interior, they finally received the first US$1,000 to prepare for the proper funeral.

23 November

“Yesterday I met with one of my constituents from Battambang, an incredibly brave woman called Tuy Poeb.

She was the mother of Pov Nich, a young woman who was illegally recruited at the age of 18 and sent to Malaysia as a maid by the agency Human Power. On the 25th October 2011, just three months after her departure, Human Power confirmed that she would not be returning home. Pov Nich, despite no previously existing health problems, was now dead.

Human Power vaguely described to Tuy Poeb that the household-employer discovered her daughter collapsed on the floor after she had taken the wrong tablet. She was transported to hospital, but deceased due to apparent consent issues preventing a necessary operation. Human Power subsequently attempted to intimidate Tuy Poeb and buy her off for $500. They warned if she made any public appeal about her daughters case she would not receive a cent.

Tuy Poeb is not a rich woman economically. I applaud her decision to face the injustice publically despite the threats of the recruitment agency. It is simply one of the most admirable gestures I can think of, especial ly considering the rawness of the grief she still feels in the face of such a tragic and unexpected loss.

Her story is a reminder to us all that abuse does not simply cease because of the current embargo of domestic workers to Malaysia. There remain thousands of women still abroad at risk of human rights violations, all of who have their own concerned family members praying that they do not have to collect their ashes as Tuy Poeb had to. The battle for their protection continues.”

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