NGO Draft Law – A Big Step Back for Cambodia’s Democracy

A very strong momentum from the grassroots movement – from land rights to full rights.

Watch them move!

Over 10,000 thumbprints on a 300 meter-long hand woven scarf to oppose draft law on NGOs.

“we will even have to ask permission to breath. Our rights are totally taken away from us. We have lost our land and now they ask us to report every move we make” says Tep Vanny, one of the hundreds of women at the rally today, in front of the National Assembly.

The draft law will make it mandatory for all groups of more than 3 people to register with the Ministry of Interior.

Cambodia civil society, NGOs and trade unions will be closed down if not registered or report their activities to authorities.

Only recourse is the courts – an institution tainted with corruption and political maneuvering.

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