“Quality of Woman Leadership”

A woman from the opposition, a true believer in justice, truth and morality, Mrs. Lay Kim Y speaks of her service to her people. She speaks of the funds she received to build infrastructure in her commune, of how she mobilizes her people to support her work and of the US$50 she needs to complete her last project before her term ends in June 2012.

She will run for re-election and she will win again.

As we met yesterday in Kratie(North east of Cambodia) for a women training, we, the women of SRP are convinced that politics are for women and that politics for women begin at the local level. We speak of power and how women makes use of power.

Some of the women who came to the training which I conducted, were up at 3AM to get to the provincial town. Mrs. Lay Kim Y was late as the ferry got caught in the sand. She apologized for wearing pants( a real Khmer woman wears a sampot in public).

We shared our struggle, we laughed, we sang and we danced.

Support democracy, support women candidates.


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