Development That Destroys Lives

Development That Destroys Lives

05 January 2012
By Mu Sochua

The destruction of Borei Keila community on 3 January and the manner in which this act of grave violation of human rights by the government was conducted is total dj vu.

In the name of development and progress

It is the usual main reason the prime minister signs an agreement with a company directly connected to his party senators, members of parliament and his own family.

Take it or leave it

The people are informed only after the agreement is signed. Any form of protest is met with threat of arrest and of actual arrest.

Under the pretest that the people have no official documents, they must accept the government offer: move to a new location and take a token amount of cash and a few kilos of rice, soy sauce and salt.

Day of demolition

  • Step 1: Truck loads of police arrive with hired youth with special arm band


  • Step 2: people panic, fight back


  • Step 3: police use of force – electric batons, tear gas, guns


  • Step 4: arrests of strong protesters even of children



  • Step 5: detention and charges by court


  • Step 6: company excavators crush what the hired youth have demolished


  • Step 7: new fence put up – private property. Any trespassing is a crime


When asked for explanation, the typical answer from authorities: “Ask my superior. I am here to execute order from the top”


Dj vu: “Ask Anka Leu” 2 million Cambodians killed by the Khmer Rouge

Mission accomplished.

Next contract – Next community.

Signed: by the order of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Photos Credit: Cambodia Express News, Reuters, The Phnom Penh Post, Mu Sochua


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