You Will Never See Me There – Targeting CPP Business

Reading this article reminds me of the situation in Cambodia.

The strategy is something similar: hitting the business owned by the CPP is more effective than making them respect human rights.

It all comes down to economics.

NGOs and all should avoid certain hotels and businesses known to be owned by CPP high ranking officials, in particular by family members of the prime minister.

Let’s begin by not drinking Angkor Beer.

Sokhimex is owned by Sok Kong- very related to CPP. This group owns all the big hotel under the name of Sokha, i.e. Sokha Beach in Sihanoukville. You will never see me there.

Koh Pich is totally linked to the top CPP. You will never see me there.

We do not go after any big business group. We need them. We should encourage those businesses that are serious about investment with corporate responsibility and ethics.

Let’s put together the You Will Never See Me There List.

There are businesses run by children of the super rich. It should be on our list.

Remember why the Vatanak Group tried staying away from the construction that damaged the small shops next to FCC?

Guess who owns this group.

Cambodia’s wealth is in the hands of 10% but we need to focus on the hands of a much smaller % than that: the top.

Who supports the CPP campaign at each election?


Report: Massive Movement Needed to Fix ‘Perverse Concentration of Wealth’

Martin Luther King’s dream of racial equality is far from reality.
Census Bureau figures show the U.S. on track to be a majority minority nation by 2042. But if the trends of the last 30 years continue, according to a new report, the economic racial divide is set to increase.

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