Sam Rainsy MPs Freed Illegally Detained Women and Children

Wednesday 18 January, 2012

Sam Rainsy Party MPs, Sovan Pisaka and Mu Sochua were able to enter the Social Affairs Center(the small door was open very shortly for the security guard to enter) where 18 women and 2 children from Borei Keila had been illegally detained by the municipality since 11 January as they demonstrated outside of the municipality office to demand for housing and compensation for their belongings that were destroyed by PHANIMEX company.

The head of the center asked the two lawmakers to leave as they did not have permission. He then locked both gates. He informed both lawmakers that the women and children were at the center but were not registered. The municipality had asked him to watch over them.

MP, Mu Sochua spoke to the women about their rights and the gross violation of human rights committed by the authorities and the company. The head of the company had been every day to force the detainees to thumbprint to accept her offer.

When asked what they wish to do, the women said they wanted to leave the center as they feel scared, unsafe and shame for having to be detained with homeless, mentally disturbed people, drug addicts and young men who are violent. They wish to obtain housing in Borei Keila as promised to them by the prime minister.

After our short meeting, the women gathered their belongings and started climbing over the fence.

Their husbands ad relatives who brought them food and medicines helped them from the other side of the fence and they quickly left the center for town.

The two MPs were locked inside the center for 15 minutes till the head of the center unlocked both gates.

SRP MPS, will send a letter to the Minister of Justice to request action from the municipality court against the authorities and the company for illegal detention.

Since the destruction of Borei Keila, no representative of the government has provided support or care for the victims. The office of the governor and local authorities have provided full protection and total carte blanche to the company to threaten the victims and manipulate the situation.

This is Cambodia!

Video to follow soon.

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