Who Killed Chea Vichea – The Evidence

22 January, 2012

8th Anniversary of the Assassination of Chea Vichea – the leader of Cambodia’s workers’movement.

In my hand, I had copies of http://www.itvs.org/films/who-killed-chea-vichea, an award winning documentary produced by two passionate film makers and activists – the film is banned in Cambodia.

I said: “This documentary holds more than sufficient evidence for the government to make the investigation of Chea Vichea’s more real. The killers could be here in the crowd. The Cambodian people can not live in peace till Chea Vichea’s killers are behind bars. We hope that we will return to this spot, next year to celebrate justice found for our hero”.t>

I handed a copy to an agent of the Ministry of Interior who was in the crowd asking him to take it to his bosses.

We will continue to pray for Che Vichea’s soul.

We will continue to fight for a clean judiciary in Cambodia.

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