Cambodian People’s Party Fined for Vote Buying

We honor all and in particular our brave grassroots elected officials who stand tall for democracy.

The ruling party of Cambodia should know by now that money does not buy people’s conscience. Ill gotten money ruins the nation and we are taking every democratic, legal and honorable step to bring down powers that oppress the people.

Press Statement

28 January, 2012

Today, Battambang Provincial Election Committee fines Cheam Pe A, an official of the Cambodian People’s Party the equivalent of US$1,250 for vote buying. The complaint was filed by the Sam Rainsy Party, the lead opposition party in Cambodia, on 21 January, 2012.

The Sam Rainsy Party considers Mr. Mok Ra, one of SRP 2,662 elected councilors who will cast their votes on 29January senatorial election, a true fighter for democracy and a hero. He never intended to sell his conscience. He took the risk of meeting with the CPP officials with the intention of bringing evidence to support the SRP complaint.

The Cambodian People’s Party was fined in previous elections for vote buying.Vote buying is an electoral fraud, it is illegal according to the Cambodian electoral law. Universally vote buying is morally unacceptable and a grave violation of the principles of democracy. It brings dishonor to the party found guilty.

We must seriously and openly condemn vote buying as it leads to the establishment of a one-party system and to dictatorship.

SRP will continue to commit itself to free, fair and clean elections as it is one of the first steps towards building true democracy.

SRP Cabinet


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