My deputy who won his seat at yesterday’s senatorial elections said to me: “Sister, allow me to go back to my native village to pray at the tomb of my parents. I want them to be proud of their son”, he made me cry as he is one of the true local leaders who has nothing but his conscience and belief that Justice will prevail.

We will all gather at our party HQs this morning to take a deep breath and to congratulate the newly elected Senators.

We are proud of our local leaders who voted their conscience. Of the SRP 2, 662 votes, we only lost 159 votes.

A local SRP voter called to tell me””my wife has kicked me out of the house after I kept my vote for SRP. She is furious at me for not accepting the hundreds of dollars offered by the CPP for my vote. Our family is in serious debt but I will never sell my vote”.

We will hold a permanent committee meeting this afternoon to plan for the 3 June 2012 local elections.

We are confident that the people of Cambodia will vote for their local councilors who repres ent justice and a Cambodia ruled by laws.

I was really hoping for a day off, today.

January 29, 2012 SAM RAINSY PARTY SCORES SIGNIFICANT VICTORY IN SENATORIAL ELECTIONS The Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) has achieved a notable success in senatorial elections today, Sunday January 29, with the number of SRP senators jumping from two to 11. This result is the latest in a string of electoral successes -- legislative, communal, provincial and senatorial -- since the party's creation in 1995. The party has again confirmed its place as the second-largest in Cambodia, and the only political force capable of mounting a long-term challenge to the Cambodian People's Party (CPP), in power since 1979. These senatorial elections are significant in several respects and should be understood in the following context: - Only two parties were competing, the CPP and the SRP, the rest being too small to have a chance of winning a senatorial seat. The SRP is the only force which can provide a clear alternative to the CPP. - The CPP controls the national committee that organises the elections, which makes all kinds of manipulation possible. The CPP controls all the television stations as well as the country's administrative machinery, the police, the judiciary, as well as corrupt sources of finance. It does not hesitate to use these tools to weaken the SRP by harassment, intimidation and the buying of votes. This makes the opposition's success today all the more remarkable. - Sam Rainsy, leader of the SRP, was forced into exile at the end of 2009 after a series of politically motivated judicial decisions. By decapitating the SRP and depriving it of its historic leader in Cambodia, the CPP thought it could destroy the only opposition of which it is really afraid. Today's results show, on the contrary, an SRP that is stronger than ever and a CPP that has lamentably failed in its anti-democratic effort, already condemned by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the European Parliament, human rights organisations worldwide and numerous friendly governments. SRP parliamentarians demand reform of the current unjust electoral system, as recommended by Professor Surya Subedi, United Nations Special Rapporteur, and the return of Sam Rainsy for the communal elections of June 2012 and the legislative elections of July 2013, in accordance with the spirit of the 1991 Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia. SRP Members of Parliament

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