Unlawful prosecution of Opposition Local Elected Officials

Commune councilors are elected by the people. It is about local politics. It is about decentralization and democracy at local level.

SRP commune chiefs and their deputies work hard to eliminate corruption at local level and to bring a culture of democracy to the people who rarely have a chance to air their opinions.

By using the courts in this case as well as other cases is to put political pressure and to maintain the culture of greed and corruption.

SRP commune chiefs and commune councilors prosecuted unfairly by the Courts of Cambodia:

Kompong Thom: commune chief of Poung Ro / Baray district – served 3 year s in prison (accused of kidnapping)

Rattanak Kiri : commune chief of Pathe/ Oyada district – served 1 year in prison ( accused of human trafficking)

Kampot: deputy commune chief of Oundong Khmer commune – is serving 2 years in prison(falsification of documents)

2 deputy commune chiefs in detention
3 deputy commune chief in hiding

SRP has 28 commune chiefs out of 1,621 communes, 3 are women
SRP gained 2,662commune chiefs, deputies and councilors in more than 90% of the communes in 2007.

SRP hopes to double the gains on 3 J une ,2012 commune elections.


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