Grassroots Women for Grassroots Democracy

Give her your support.


The people in my village face manyproblems but are too afraid to speak out. I want to become a voice for my community, a voice for justice

As a mother of eight children Sreymom is deeply concernedwith the fate of her country. She works to earn a modest income as a paddyfarmer in PreiPapei village, located in North-West Cambodia of the BattambangProvince.

She has been involved in politics for three years and decided it was time to take a more active role. The Sam Rainsy Party confidently supports Sreymom because of her passion for ending corruption.Three of her own children had to drop out of school because the family couldnot afford to pay the fees required to attend free public education. Hergoals of helping reduce illegal fees for education, advocate for land titles,and help eliminate costs for government supplied certificates are three issuesshe hopes to address if elected.

As a first time candidate for the commune election, she is hopeful that she and the SRP will succeed in working towards achieving true democracy in Cambodia.


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