Cambodia PM Can Not Deliver to Youth

There are three issues in Cambodia that the PM has not addressed, can not find solutions for and young voters should judge him for:

1/ decent employment;

2/ protection of workers’;

3/ living wage.

Poor and destitute youth would rather be working in Cambodia if there were jobs that pay living wage. Our youth continue to seek opportunities because there is no hope for better opportunities inside Cambodia.
Why do youth risk their lives outside of Cambodia?

PM to workers: ‘don’t go’

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 12:01

វង្ស សុខេង

The Phnom Penh Post

Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Vong Sokheng
The Phnom Penh Post

Lamenting the steady stream of Cambodian men who are repatriated after falling victim to fishing boat slavery, Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday a lack of communication, not employment, was driving citizens to risky jobs abroad (sic!).

At a graduation ceremony, the premier told students the demand for agricultural workers in Cambodia was high but said advertising these positions remained a problem.

“In Ratanakkiri [province] the labour force wage is high – up to US$5 per day,” he said.

“Cambodia is now in the situation where it lacks labour (sic!), while a number of Cambodian people migrate for work outside the country, even if it is illegal.”


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