Interview with Mu Sochua – radio Free Asia in Washington, D.C.

Part 1

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Radio Free Asia: How is Sam Rainsy Party preparing for the upcoming commune election?

Mu Sochua: SRP has filed candidates in 98% of the 1,633 communes. We are ready and we have shown to voters that SRP stands for justice, for protection of human rights and equality .

SRP is the main force to push for institutional reforms for quality of life for our people.

SRP is the force for the empowerment of our people.

SRP is the symbol of dignity and we are against corruption.

SRP continues to stand with the people for the protection of our human resources, the protection of our natural resources and I am confi dent that we will continue to gain confidence of our people as we fight for common interests.

RFA: Why Should Voters Vote SRP?

MSH: commune elections is the unique occasion for people to chose their commune chiefs, their commune counselors.

SRP is ready for election day 3 June, 2012. We are ready for parliamentary election in 2013.

We will continue to defend our people’s interest that are in our our platform:

1/ Land is life- without land titles, there is no stability, no security for our farmers, our families. We will continue to be with our people to defend their land rights.

2/ Heath care: it is part of life with security. We will offer to our people quality and free basic health care to our people, in particular those who are most at risk.

3/ Decent pay for decent work: we protect workers’rights. Sending our people to neighboring countries to face abuse and death is not a solution to unemployment.

RFA: Mr. Sam Rainsy is in exile because he is sentenced to 12 years in prison. Will he return for the elections?

MSH: my question is: does the ruling party dare to compete in free and fair elections? Can it be called free and fair elections when the leader of the main opposition party is excluded from competing?

We do not seek justice for Mr. Sam Rainsy. We demand free and fair election for true democracy.

RFA: What has SRP done to prepare women candidates?

MSH: SRP has trained our women through the party women’s wing. Our female candidates will double, as it is the case in Battambang as I am the leader there. We will reach 20% women representation on our party list. It is a major jump.

Our women candidates are positioned strategically on winning positions. Our women candidates are qualified to bring votes for the party. But is really about victory for the country as a whole when women run and women win.

I am confident that we will double the number of votes as it is the case in 2002 when SRP had 1,300 elected councilors; in 2007 we double the number to 2,600.

End of Part 1.


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