Investing in Women Leadership is Long-term Vision.

The Global Ambassadors Program is a very solid partnership between Bank of America and Vital Voices to give women leaders the training and support to play key roles in their communities and nation.

I will continue to be part of the program and am convincing Bank of America that Cambodian women merit the same attention.

I believe that Cambodian women have great potentials and with support from the private sector that shows social corporate responsibility and not in Cambodia to exploit women’s cheap labor, we can advance for the interest of the entire nation.

Solid companies look for stability. They will invest for long-term in building huma n resources that will spur economic growth. It is essential that Cambodia cleans up its systems and put competent people in key institutions and not maintain the current system of patronage.

The current huge gap between the rich and the poor and corruption do not set the stage for long-term stability.

Giving away Bottom Sakor, Phnom Aural, Prey Lang-Cambodia’s pristine forests and sanctuaries – to private companies that turn this natural richness into casinos and plantations is a disaster on a very large scale. Solid companies with international credibility do not invest in such business ventures.

Participants | The Global

Ambassadors Program


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