Sam Rainsy Party Commits to Women in Local Politics – Ly Romdoul

Ly Romdoul – Her story

First candidate on Sam Rainsy Party list for the June 3, 2012 local election.

I am young but the Sam Rainsy Party has faith in me. I come from a poor family. I care for my grand-mother, my 5 siblings and manage house-work outside of school and farm work.

Like other villagers in my commune, I live off the fruit of the farm. From the small profits, I save for school. I must travel 40 kilometers each week-end to attend class at Battambang university.

Farming is hard work. When elected, I will organize the farmers who are m ainly women to get higher price for our crops. I will not allow middle-men to give a low price to our beans, water melons and corn. “

Sam Rainsy Party stays true to young women to find them
place in politics.

ramdoul-1 (1).docx


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