Facing up to the Crisis at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Looking deep into interference by the government in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge Tribunal is not the only institution affected.

Let’s look at the reality: this pattern has been reinforced and will continue to exist as long as the UN and the international community continue to support status quo.

From daily violations of human rights of the smallest to the most serious scale, interference of justice by those in power is tolerated with the lack of courage from donors to demand accountability.

The shooting of the three workers by Bavit governor is one of the latest case of gross interference by the highest officials in government. Who did the governor run to for protection? Where was he hiding? Who came to visit the victims and provide financial compensation in lieu of complaint?

We are dealing with genocide.

If those who are obstructing justice have no role in the darkest moment of Cambodia’s history, let the KRT go all the way.

Facing up to the Crisis at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, and more


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