Training Candidates for Commune elections – Making it Practical

Just returned from 10 days in Pailin, Bantey Meanchey and Battambang, training close to 200 candidates for the 3 June local elections.

The training manual talks about strategy, SWOT, analysis, etc.. very fancy words.

I thought of the soccer game as a comparison to election.

We played the game and worked out SRP strategies for the campaign.

Pailin candidates moved me most because of the demographics and political environment.

Bantey Meanchey were all women candidates.

One of the candi dates broke down and cried a river: her husband had been a strong supporter of SRP for over decade and passed away just last December. The training reminded her of his courage and his commitment to justice.

In Ratanak Mondoul(Battambang), the son of a former CPP commune chief is on first position for SRP. Change for the right to own their own land- as land is life- that is their reason for switching to SRP. We did not have even one seat in that commune(Pleuv Meas) in past elections.

After the soccer game, each candidate had a chance to develop the message for their respective commune and to campaign.

Women candidates, surely are most brave.

The Phnom Penh Post will cover in its special Online magazine on 20 April.

Colleagues are training party agents- a total of 2,608 for Battambang alone.

A daunting task.


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