” Chut Wutty,another Khmer Hero “

Remembering our Hero – Chut Vuthy

He gave his life to save what is sacred to the indigenous peoples of Cambodia: Prey Lang

To Vuthy, land is life and forests is life.

His life was always in danger but his soul was as pure as Prey Lang.

We need to dig deep, deep down for t he root cause of the problem and the question that we should ask: Who is selling Cambodia to companies?

Economic concessions authorized by the prime minister go beyond arable land to pristine forests of Cambodia.

He has not heard the cry of the people of Prey Lang.

He says : “I will resign if there is any forests lost, any tree cut”.

Well, the time has come.

The people of Cambodia have no trust in any investigation conducted by the authorities. Why should we?

We want an independent committee with full power to investigate.

And we want the end of economic concessions.

We want free and fair elections so the people can vote their conscience.

We want justice for Chut Vuthy, Chea Vichea, and many more.


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