Cambodian American women need your vote! Support Devata Giving Circle

Please help my daughter Devi, help Cambodian American women, she believes need your support.

Devi and other cambodian American women have invested their time with Devata as they see the need for Cambodian American women in the San Francisco Bay Area to help their communities, in particular the youth.

Thank you and hope Devata Giving Circle will win.


Dear Friends ,

As you may know, I am a founding Executive Council Member of the Devata Giving Circle, the first Cambodian-American giving circle in the US.

I have exciting news to share! AAPIP (Asian American Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy) is giving away $6,000 in prize money ($3,000 for 1st place, $2,000 for 2nd place, $1,000 for 1st place) in their first ever Facebook Winners Circle Contest to help existing AAPIP Giving Circles do more to help others.

Please help the Devata Giving Circle (DGC)win this contest! Get everyone you know to vote. Here are three great reasons why you should vote for DGC:

  • Less than 1% of philanthropic dollars go to Asian American communities. While this is a staggering figure given the relative size of the Asian American and Pacific Islander population in the US, imagine the dismal amounts that trickle down to the Cambodian American communities! The Devata Giving Circle is working to change this! Vote for us!
  • Last year Devata Giving Circle granted out over $10,000 to four great community based organizations. Heres what they were able to do with the support of the Devata Giving Circle: provide safe spaces and options for young women at risk of sexual exploitation, give voice to survivors of the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields who have long been silenced, heal and give hope to a generation of women lost between the cracks, and supporting a community that continues to struggle in the inner-city poverty and violence. Share in this great work with us; Vote for us!
  • We are a group of AMAZING and DEDICATED Cambodian American women who want advance our communities. Empower our community. Empower our circle. Vote for us!

Heres what well do with the prize money.

100% of the prize will go directly to DGCs 2012 bold grantees who are dedicated to building a generation of fiercely passionate and courageous Cambodian American women leaders .


Voting begins Today! Go to

1) Click on the contest thumbnail at the top right of the Facebook wall.
2) Click Vote Now! at the top right of the application home page.
3) Select DEVATA GIVING CIRCLE press Vote (note: you will be asked to allow the application, this is so that we can ensure each user only gets one vote per day).

You can begin voting on May 11th and vote once a day up until midnight on May 28th (I’ll be reminding you). The winners will be announced on May 29th on Facebook .

Please send this on to everyone in your networks. Post on your Facebook page; send the below instructions to all your family and friends and get them to vote for us.

Your vote for DGC will help to build a healthy, strong, and thriving Cambodian American communities across the U.S.

Thank you!

Lots of love,


P.S. To join or learn more about AAPIP Giving Circles go to

P.P.S. For those of you not on Facebook, this is a good reason to get on 😉


Devi Leiper

Executive Council Member
Devata Giving Circle

Program Officer for Asia & Oceania
Global Fund for Women


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