3 month investigatio n of Thai fisheries abuse – the USs sec ond-largest supplier of seafood reveals an opaque offshore s upply chain enmeshed in slavery

Some of the young men on these boats end up farther than Thailand.

2 Cambodians called me last month from Senegal as the ship they were kept was being repaired in this African country. Somehow they had my phone number.

My advice to them was to reach a police station in own and seek help. They did! and arrived in Cambodia last week.

Latest trend: the employment agencies that used to recruit young women as domestic workers for Malaysia are now mobilizing young men for Thailand.

I am walking the campaign trail every day and half of the villages in this North West province is empty as the young and strong men have left for Thailand.

& gt; For Americans, the calculation is worrisome. Thailand is the United States second-largest supplier of foreign seafood. Of America’s total seafood imports, one out of every six pounds comes from the Southeast Asian nation. The accounts of ex-slaves, Thai fishing syndicates, officials, exporters and anti-trafficking case workers, gathered by GlobalPost in a three-month investigation, illuminate an opaque offshore supply chain enmeshed in slavery.


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