Trade Vs. Humann Rights- Here We Go Again.

The US must learn from its previous support of dictatorships around the world.

Stand up America for what you are.

This statement by a high ranking official of the State Department is an insult to human rights and in particular to women’s human rights.

The US State Department will have some serious damage control to do after this statement unless it can reveal what topics of “peace and security” were covered with the Foreign Minister.

Sec. Hillary Clinton will be meeting Foreign Minister Hor Nam Hong and we hope she is not as “thrilled” as Kurt Campbell. She knows Hor Nam Hong’s implication in the the Khmer Ro uge prison that killed thousands of lives.

Trade first before human rights?

This statement is totally inappropriate.

“Thrilled” to be in Cambodia and
speaking with the Foreign Minister,
while 13 women were arrested, an
award-winning human rights monk
arrested , a 14 year-old girl killed by
soldiers wearing US military helmets,

the outstanding environmentalist

assassinated, factory workers shot at by
a governor. He was also thrilled that
the trial of the 13 women was

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Remarks in Cambodia


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