The Night of Barking Dogs

Battambang Province -On the Eve of Election: 9PM-Midnight.

The man having a conversation with SRP candidate, Sin Rozeth during electoral campaign is the same man wearing a military uniform and carrying a gun and travelling with the police chief of O Char commune, Battambang city, on the eve of election.

He is CPP elected a commune councilor.and a candidate for this 2012 commune election.

This photo is taken by SRP team while patrolling CPP activities, on the eve of election or the “barking dog night”, 2June.

SRP team confronted CPP teams in at least 5 of the 14 districts in Battambang. CPP teams include the village chief and members of the village council, commune councilor(s), members of the district police and CPP support teeam members from Phnom Penh.

They were drinking heavily or visiting villagers.

The presence of CPP teams with commune police and local authorities is intended to threaten villagers and to create intimidation.

As SRP team members were patrolling, an unidentified man inquired from MP, Mu Sochua’s neighbor if she would return home to spend the night.

MP, Mu Sochua has lived in this rented house in Battambang for over one year without any problem.

SRP will file complaints with the commune electoral committee in each commune where these activities took place and with the provincial police department against the commune councilor for wearing a military uniform and carrying a gun.


2June, 2012.

Barking night.docx


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