Vote for Rozeth- the Youngest Commune Candidate from SRP

You Have the Youngest and You Will Have the Best Commune Chief-Vote for Rozeth


01 June 2012
By Mu Sochua

We have given all that we have to our nation.

We zigzagged O Char commune till the rain forced us to take cover; we moved on as soon as the storm subsided. Then Rozeth got us off our seats to go to the stinkiest parts of the 6 villages. Our youth band sang each time we finished our 3 issues.

Tears and voters coming up to us to say: we will change.

Very moving, even in the dark.

A small child came up to me and said: what is your phone number?

Rozeth was so impressive in front of huge crowds at market places. She stood still, said the same 3 issues and pledged from the bottom of her heart to serve the people of O Char.

Now we can only wait for election day , tomorrow and the final result.

As always, this is the night that the CPP village chiefs and group leaders go around to buy votes, in the dark. And the entire village is up because of the barking of the dogs and will call it: the dog barking night.

We are very concerned as CPP commune chiefs have issued thousands of documents as identification documents for voters. In the past, these documents were used by voters that used names of ghost voters to vote.

Today is White Day: no more campaigning.

We are reviewing lessons with 2 party agents who will represent SRP at each of the 1,304 polling stations in Battambang.


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