Donation to Beung Kak Lake women Handed to them inside Prey Sar Prison


Monday 4 June

Sam Rainsy Party MPs, Ket Khy, Noun Vuthy and Mu Sochua met the 13 Beung Kak Lake women land owners sentenced by the Phnomm Penh Court on an illegal summary trial without their defense lawyers on May 24, 2012. All, except an elderly woman were sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison.

Although in good health, the women speak of their worries for their children who are now living in fear and deep depression.

“We want justice now. We should not be in this prison. We have lost our land and our human rights”, said Tep Vanny.

“Please convey to the people outside not to forget us”, she continues.

SRP MPs have written to His Majesty the King for the immediate release of the land owners.

MP, Mu Sochua who has been collected contributions from donors through her blog, handed U S$ 1,570 to the women.

US$100 were kept by the women for food inside the prison and the rest is kept by their networks to support the continued action for their release and for justice.

BKL Donaitons via Pay Pal.docx


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