A Message of Thanks from Beung Kak Lake Community- Video

The video is now available on Youtube at:

To all generous donors who answered to the call posted on sochua.wordpress.com to support the Beung Kak 15,

With your very generous contributions , a total of US$1,570 was collected and handed to the women I visited at Prey Sar(US$100), the remaining contribution was handed to the BKL community.

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Video by local team


photos by Jenny Hollig

I am certain that with all the combined efforts, the remaining 13 women will be released at their appeal trial later this month.

There is nothing that can justify their imprisonment and we must collectively continue to stand for freedom of expression, the right to land tenure and the demand for fair compensation and the end of economic land concessions that put destroy lives.

Sec. Clinton personally received the thumb-printed petition from you all and strongly raised her concern for the women and their families. The release of the women is high on Sec. Clinton’s agenda.

We need to push forward for elections that are conducted with international standards and for the will of the people to be counted so we do not have to rely on Sec. Clinton or any foreign officials to act on our behalf. Only when Cambodia is ruled by law can justice be served and those who have no voice now will have a voice in the future.

Video I’ve shared VID00029.MP4

Message from kaytan:

Hi Sochua, attached is the video of the woman who received the donation at Boeung Kak. 

Click to open:

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