Blood Sugar from land taken away from farmers. Prime minister Hun Sen should deal with this first. Join the campaign by spreading the video and alert consumers in Europe and USA.The campaign needs your direct and active support. I will continue contact with EU Parliament. EU MP Cecilia Wolkstrom is willing to return to Cambodia. One of the communes in conflict is now won by SRP and the commune chief is a 28 year-old woman. She also needs our help. I will visit her and the commune this week to bring support. She made her promise to her people and she intends to deliver. Change has begun.CPP lost majority in 10% of the total communes. Land conflicts is a very serious issue and CPP realizes it. Land must be returned to the people. We will continue to denounce the action of the prime minister each time he signs a land deal. The “soldiers”sent to the field to measure the land that should be returned to the people must also be monitored and not be part of a political ploy.
Landless Cambodians see nothing sweet in EU sugar deal

Watch the video ‘Landless Cambodians see nothing sweet in EU sugar deal’ on Yahoo! News UK.

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