Cambodia Movement for National Rescue too Propose Amendments of Electoral Law for Free and fair Elections

Leaders from both parties ink agreement for a united movement for national rescue-Manila 17 July, 2012.

Cambodia Movement for National Rescue will propose to the government and international donors concrete solutions to address the findings of COMFREL for free and fair elections.

COMFREL-2012 Elections


The two main opposition parties in Cambodia, the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) and Human Rights Party (HRP), reached a historic agreement at the conclusion of their 2-day meeting in Philippine capital Manila.  Responding to the long-standing call of the Cambodian people, SRP President Sam Rainsy and HRP President Kem Sokha agreed to “unite in accordance with the Khmer people’s will in order to save Cambodia by bringing about political change to put an end to a dictatorship serving destructive foreign interests.

In line with this mission, the two parties will merge and create a new party that unites all patriots and democrats, towards the goal of establishing a truly democratic regime that caters to national interest.  More specifically, the merger hopes to realize people’s yearning for political change by pushing for the following: 1) free, fair and genuine elections by changing the composition of National Election Committee and overhauling complicated election procedures; and 2) free and full participation of the political opposition by halting the use

The immediate realization of these two objectives in time for the 2013 elections is crucial for Cambodia’s national salvation.  From the perspective of Cambodian democrats and patriots, at root of the country’s problems is a dictatorial government that oppresses by using the courts and police and military forces to silence the political opposition, activists, human rights defenders and citizens who stand up to defend their rights.  This government is also responsible for the illegal sale of the country’s natural resources, including arable and pristine forests, whichhas caused landlessness of close to a million farmers, in particular women (see the following related articles and videos:Land Grabs in Cambodia – UN DispatchCambodia approves land concessions, despite ban –ReutersJustice in Cambodia: The Boeung Kak 13 – The EconomistCambodia: The Emperor Wears No Clothes – Asian Human Rights CommissionLICADHO – Beyond the Watchdog (Part 1Part 2);

Clearly, the present government has betrayed its own people to serve destructive foreign interests. It is a government that no longer has legitimacy in the eyes of the Cambodian people and accountability to international human rights instruments, hence, it is imperative that the upcoming elections be truly reflective of the people’s will.  Only free, fair and genuine elections that meet at least the main elements of international standards (see EU Election Observation Report 2008)would arrest Cambodia’s decline.

 Cambodian Democratic Movement for National Rescue

Considering the urgency of the situation, the SRP and HRP decided to set up the Cambodia Democratic Movement for National Rescue while the new party is being formed.  The essenceof the movement is of course derived from the merger, and its aim is to enable patriotic and democratic forces to have a platform which they can use to rally for recognition and strengthening of freedom and human rights, for institution of free, fair and genuine elections, and for defence of national interest.


To unite all democratic forces in realizing a democratic and prosperous policy that values freedom, that respects and protects human rights, that ingrains accountability and transparency in governance, and that truly caters to the interest of the Cambodian people.


To create a truly “people’s movement” that caters to all sectors of society, particularly the marginalized and the disenfranchised, with a message of hope and renewal based on an unwavering trust in the Cambodian people’s desire for change and capability to build a better society.


  • To craft an agenda based on grassroots citizens’ voices;
  • To create a platform for democratic dialogues between and among elected leaders and their constituents in particular women and youth; and
  • To raise political awareness and encourage political participation.


  • Community meeting
  • Focus group meetings
  • Training of trainers workshops
  • Communication workshops
  • Production of audio and video tapes
  • Public awareness campaigns.



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