A Day in Court for Rehabilitation

Mu Sochua after court hearing. Appeal Court/3/8/12

The appeal court rehabilitated me on condition that there are no complaints against me within one month. The court asked me to proof that I have followed the social code of conduct. The prosecutor read a case against me filed by the city governor for inciting women and workers. This relate to the visit I made to the rehabilitation center where 18 women were brought and detained against their will by order of the city governor. At the hearing yesterday , I said: “your honor, I serve my people, the people who voted for me to serve them. I behave as an elected representative of the people and I want justice”.

Behaving according to the social code is literally staying at home and do what the society tells you to do as a woman. And in political terms it is “stop being an in opposition. It is a total violation of my political rights. And why should one want to be member of parliament if it is to “behave according to the social code?”


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