Impunity for Violence Against Women Is a Global Concern

Impunity for violence against women is condoned by the Cambodian minister of women’s affairs herself at a speech broadcast on national radio.

For over 5 years of their struggle to regain their stolen land by the government, the Beung Kak Lake women have all forms of violence inflicted on them by police, military police as well as thugs hired by the authorities to demolish their homes.

Their complaints and plea for the women minister to intervene and to hear their case was never granted.

From arrest to physical beating to miscarriage, the women endure it all.

Their imprisonment came to an end with direct intervention of Sec. Hillary Clinton. Their jail sentence is still in force.

It is very great regret and deep pain to hear what the women minister has to say about the struggle of the women. By putting the blame and going as far as calling the women’s self-defense as a criminal act is not acceptable.

Women are elected or appointed to a high post to speak and to act for women and with women and not be an actor in condoning impunity for violence against women.


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