Prey Lang- The Prime Minister’s Broken Promise

Cambodia PM says that he would step down should there be any deforestation. he said it more than one but never has he asked to see and hear what the Prey Lang communities have to say.

We do and we care and we propose solutions for the protection of what is left of Prey Lang:

Review of all land concessions in the 3 provinces of Prey lang; full right to the communities to protect the forests; declare Prey Lang as national heritage with full protection.

Stop using the courts to arrest community members and leaders.

Prey Lang is life and a significant part of our indigenous people’s beliefs. Protecting Prey Lang is protecting the rights of the people and communities to take back these natural resources that have been part of their lives for generation.
. The current government has put an end to Cambodia’s wealth in Kratie, Stung Treng and Kompong Thom provinces. Nothing will repair it but protecting what is left is more than crucial. Chut Wutty’s death has not put an end to the people’s activism but the scale of deforestation in the area is still of great concern and spreading to other areas. Only by changing the government can protection of Prey Lang begin.

Watch this very informative video, share this and be part of the change to rescue Cambodia



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