Keep the Dream Alive

Cambodia National Rescue Party- A new dawn for Cambodia

The Cambodian Democratic Movement for National Rescue
Be part of the change, part of the dream. Help circulate. Seize our power and build a base for a long and lasting development that is not based on trickling down effect but on Opportunities and equality.
Keep Tuesday 11 September 2.30PM open –
Watch Cambodia National Rescue Party officially open its HQ. Watch the images and be part of what you want to change. Put values and dignity and hope into the lives of our people. Put back the soul of our nation. together , We can. This is Our Cambodia. A Cambodia for the 99% and for the sacrifices that the poor and the workers and civil servants and farmers make every day in their lives to feed their families, save to send their children to school, sell their land to pay for the medical bills. We say: equal opportunities so future can be built to last and with justice.



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