Mam Sonando Trial- Day 1

Hundreds of police to stop people from getting near the Phnom Penh court building.


My chest is in pain from pushing against police shields for hours this morning. We negotiated with the police to push their barricade inch by inch. We finally succeeded to move about half a block. before the UN representative helped.  Some of the police men carry guns. We managed to find a comporomise: each side stood 2 meters from the police barricade.

The trial went on till llate and not yet over. The people stayed in the rain. I came to the opening of the party new HQ. What a day!

Venerable Loun Sovat asked by police to step off the car.

Negotiating with it went on for at least two hours.police to remove barricade. No luck.


2 responses to “Mam Sonando Trial- Day 1

  1. I don’t understand what does the government do?

    • The government is trying to hide the fact that it has given millions of hectares of land to companies by arresting mam Sonando. The govt. can not fool the people.

      Time to change this govt. is in 2013 by casting your vote for the Cambodia National Rescue Party CambodianDemocraticMovementforNationalRescue.

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