The Struggle for Democratic Elections


Lombok, Indonesia, September 17, 2012


The Philippine Senate today unanimously adopted a resolution
supporting the United Nations recommendations for the organiza

tion of
the national elections in Cambodia on July 28, 2013.

This comes a week after the launch of the International Parliamentary
Committee for Democratic Elections in Cambodia (IPCDEC) in Manila.

The IPCDEC, chaired by Filipino Senator Franklin Drilon, is an
international organization grouping Members of Parliament from all
over the world. It was formed to support legitimate demands of the Sam
Rainsy Party and the Human Rights Party. These demands, which are in
line with UN recommendations, are a reform of the National Election
Committee (NEC) and my return to Cambodia, as Opposition Leader, to
take part in the forthcoming elections.

The UN recommendations are contained in a Report by the UN’s Special
Rapporteur on Human Rights in Cambodia published in August. The report
calls for an overhaul of the leadership and the composition of the NEC
so as to include balanced representation from all political parties
represented in the National Assembly, with consensus required for any
important decisions. The UN also calls for a political resolution of
my case in order to open the way for my return and my free and full
participation in the election process.

We expect other Parliaments and Governments, especially in neighboring
countries, to express their solidarity with the Cambodian people and
their support for free and fair elections in Cambodia in 2013 that
meet international standards.

Democracy and respect for human rights are universal values that
guarantee true and lasting stability allowing sustainable and
equitable development. With all its member states upholding these
values, ASEAN — whose Parliaments are currently meeting in Lombok,
Indonesia, in the framework of the Asean Inter-Parliamentary
Association (AIPA) — will become a stronger, more cohesive, more
united and more respected organization that will play a distinct
leadership role for peace and international cooperation in Asia and
the rest of the world.

I am grateful to Filipino President Benigno Aquino III for discussing
the situation in Cambodia with me, and to other Filipino leaders from
different political parties for their support for democracy in
Cambodia, as evidenced by today’s Philippine Senate Resolution. I am
also grateful to Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa for
receiving me last week in Jakarta and for the fruitful discussion we

Elected Member of Parliament
President of the Cambodia National Rescue Party, Cambodia’s united
democratic opposition which currently has 40 elected National Assembly
Members and Senators


Please read the full text of the UN Recommendations at


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