1,000 Signatures in 7 Days! WE DID IT!


We are not alone to ask President Barack Obama to put free and fair elections as a condition for his November trip to Cambodia.

I thank you all for being part of the 1,000 signatories. Signatory 1,000th is from Montreal, Canada.

I have a meeting with State Department officials on 11 October.

I will continue to raise the issue and to support the State Department call for the immediate release of Mam Sonando. I will bring the 1,000 signed petition to State Department.

Human Rights Watch
2 October, 2012

The convictions of Mom Sonando and the others come in the run-up to
national elections in 2013 and the forced exile of opposition party
leader Sam Rainsy, who was sentenced on trumped up charges to 12 years
in prison after a trial in absentia.

These latest convictions call into question whether Cambodia should
host Novembers East Asia Summit. President Barack Obama and other
world leaders should insist that unless these and other baseless
convictions are overturned, including that of opposition leader Sam
Rainsy, they will call for the summit to be moved to another ASEAN
To allow Hun Sen to gain the domestic and international
legitimacy of hosting world leaders while he is engaged in a vicious
campaign against peaceful critics would be disastrous.

Mu Sochua, MP
Sam Rainsy Party


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