H&M under Fire in Sweden

H&M, like other big brand claims that it is doing all it can to find solution to living wage.

How hard do these brands try when workers in Cambodia get US$61/month. With all the bonuses and allowances and years of fighting for increased wage, a worker gets US$85/mo. However, these bonuses are cut when workers even miss 15 minutes of work. The extra US$7 for transport is not enough as the price of gasoline is going up and the US$10 for housing is still not enough when rent is also going up. To deprive workers from getting these bonuses, some factories hire workers on short term contract.

Daily strikes have lead to workers and union leaders facing summonses from the court.

The opposition parties in Cambodia that have merged into the Cambodia National Rescue Party have long been on the side of workers. The new party offers US$150 as minimum wage when the party is in power.

Solution comes when we all stand with workers and when workers are allowed to come to the negotiation table.


Until there is global action and movement, these brands will continue to hide behind their heavy PR campaigns.


2 responses to “H&M under Fire in Sweden

  1. Great to point out attendance bonus does not make for living wage. But H&M are one of few brands with any CSR team in Cambodia. Best way to realise better wages for Cambodian garment workers is probably to keep pushing Bangladesh government to raise & enforce decent minimum wage so that a living wage in Cambodia wouldn’t make export prices seem more expensive to buyers. Why not push other big brand buyers from Bangladesh (Walmart, Target, JCPenney, Tesco, Sainsburys, etc) to support H&M’s call to Bangladesh government to raise minimum wage rate (& enforce it through starting their Better Work programme faster & better), and then keep pushing for Cambodia minimum wage to be raised?

    • we are working on all fronts with the global campaign for living wage. thank you for your comments. the bottom line is: all brands know exactly how much they should pay the workers. Unless pressure is mounting, they will hide behind their own campaign.

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