Stop Sale of Blood Sugar-Join the Campaign


Every thing you want to know about villagers’fight for their land and the concessions signed by the prime minister of Cambodia that led to the deal of the companies.

Senator Ly Yong Phat knew all along that he would sell the concessions. The prime minister knew what this senator from his party had in mind.

Cambodia is carved out by the ruling party region by region for its senators and tycoons.

All information on the deal of the blood sugar




2 responses to “Stop Sale of Blood Sugar-Join the Campaign

  1. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has learned that on 12 November 2006, ruling party (CPP) senator and tycoon Ly Yong Phat signed an agreement that guarantees villagers the rights to live on their land in Chi Khor Leu commune at Sre Ambel district in Koh Kong province. Under the agreement, Ly Yong Phat’s company will continue to plant sugarcane around the villages but only on the portions of land that is owned by the state. However, Senator Ly Yong Phat and his privately hired police force has not been held accountable for the illegal and forced eviction of 120 families in September 2006.

    • Let’s continue to reveal the truth about these companies. Pro-bono lawyers in the USA are helping to take the case to U.K. Courts.

      I will be visiting these communities in the following weeks to help bring good news about the EU Resolution to the villagers.

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