Let’s Strengthen Our Campaign Strategy-Keep Our Leaders from Detention

Chut Wutty- Cambodia top environmentalist – Assassinated

Mam Sonando-Owner of Radio Beehive and activist-Sentenced to 20 years

I intervened to help find solution after two hours of confrontation. The authorities would have arrested our youth leader, Sourn Sophaon.
We have 9 months to go before elections. Let’s be smart: our leaders should stay out of jail to organize voters and the grassroots. We need to get our message to voters to vote for Cambodia National Rescue Party.
Having our leaders in jail at this moment could bring fear to voters rather than courage.
Let’s learn from the Obama campaign: more than 50% women for Obama; over 70% Latinos for Obama.
The victory of the president was not about money but : the message and the machinery to get voters to the polling booths.

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