A few hundreds Obama T-shirts got police excited.

SRP youth moto parade leaving from party office – 19 Nov.2012

To change tactic and avoid confrontation with anti-riot police, SRP youth took their SOS Obama message on motos, hours before president Obama is expected to arrive in Phnom Penh.

Just a few blocks from their departure point, SRP youth were stopped by police. A total of 10 motos were taken to Phnom Penh police station.

Police set up a barricade and stop all moto cycles traffic going into the city.

Youth argue with police that they have all proper documents for their motos.

Sorn Sophaon, head of SRP youth trying to get the motos released.

Sorn Sophoan have been serious injured by anti-riot police twice for mass organizing. The first incident was during the visit of UN General Secretary visit to Cambodia. The second attack on Sophaon was at Beung Kak lake demolition of homes by hired police.

He has been introduced to Active Civil Disobedience tactics.

As of today, 2 of the motos are still at the Phnom Penh police station.


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