Remembering Koh Pich 3 years later – No Independent Investigation Conducted

Koh Pich bridge – the day after the stampede- Nov. 2010

Ceremony to commemorate 3rd anniversary of Koh Pich stampede- 22 Nov.2012

The government closed the case immediately after its own investigating team submitted the report. No officials were sanctioned or prosecuted. The government paid victims families up to US$20,000.

This culture of impunity and money can pay for anything plagues Cambodia today.

At the time MPs from the opposition and NGOs called for suspension of officials  in charge of public security during the 3 day Water Festival and an parliamentary by-partisan investigation. The request was denied by the president of the National Assembly.

Today’s ceremony conducted by opposition MPs and a small group citizens is to say: We will not forget Koh Pich.

Just one hoursafter the stampede captured on CNN

Independent study of Koh Pich rejected

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