MU SOCHUA Shut Out of Live Call-In Show on National Radio

Pok Nanda, a leading women’s rights activist on Women’s Voices-Women’s Choices.

The director in charge of national radio AM 918 asked Strey Khmer , a women NGO running WOMEN’S VOICES. WOMEN’S CHOICES to cancel the show today, just about 30 minutes before I was due to appear as the host of this live call-in weekly show.

His reason: it is government policy that the show has to be politically balanced and MU Sochua could not appear alone.

The program has been in existence for 10 months. Ruling party female officials have appeared on a regular basis without, representative from the opposition party.

This is a serious form of discrimination and a government regulation that restricts freedom of expression and it is unconstitutional.

The show went on without a guest. More than 20 callers joined during the hour.

It is a popular show and popular topic: women in politics.

After a full hour of debate with the director at his office, I am given the opportunity to come back next time but with a member of the ruling party.

In my capacity as MP, that was the only moment I would have had the chance to be on national radio, except during the official electoral campaign period-once every 5 years.

Report on Radio Free Asia in Khmer:

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