China Sweet Loans- Cambodia Blood Timber in Exchange

One bad eye but not blind   “I Will Cut Off My Head If…”, prime minister Hun Sen

Opposition leader Ms. Mu Sochua likes the Khmer proverb, “The worth of a person lies in his/her words, the worth of an elephant lies in its tusks.” She quotes it often.

Hun Sen’s words have made the Prime Minister a laughingstock among regime opponents. In a video examined in my last article, he threatened companies that don’t obey the order of the Ministry of Agriculture (to cease destructive logging): “Just you try… If you aren’t going to obey, just you try. If I don’t take away your concession and shut down your factory, I will cut off my head and throw it away,” he announced dramatically

Chinese trade data from the United Nations Comtrade shows that in 2011 alone 9,973 cubic metres of precious logs were bought by China from Cambodia for a total of almost US$22 million, with a grand total of more than 32,000 cubic metres being imported between 2007 and 2011.


2 responses to “China Sweet Loans- Cambodia Blood Timber in Exchange

    • And the bleeding of Cambodia’s forests go on every day. On the 10th, a local reporter was detained for reporting to the police illegal logging: the logger got away free. Welcome to Cambodia.

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