11,000 Thumbprints to Cambodia National Assembly – Ruling Party MPs No Where to Be Seen


December 17, 2012

More than 11,000 signatures from inside and outside Cambodia were brought to the National Assembly today. None of MPs from the ruling party came to receive the people and their signed petition.

MPs from opposition greeted the people and brought the petitions inside the parliament in their own vehicles after the guards replied that they lost the key to the gate and none of the ruling party MPs failed to appear in front of the people.

Last week, the prime minister claimed : I do not have to listen to the U.N. envoy on human rights. I only listen to MPs and to the people.”

Democracy in Cambodia: work in slow process. In the words of the ruling party: development in the speed on a frog.

Democracy as development in Cambodia will leap forward, when the frog decides to do so. If the frog is in the bottom of the well, it may have to make a very high leap before it can get out of the well.

Radio Free Asia report in Khmer: http://www.rfa.org/khmer/indepth/land_victims_rally_infront_of_na-12172012045046.html

Photos of people’s activities in front of the parliament http://www.rfa.org/khmer/multimedia/rally_in_front_of_na-12172012052902.html


2 responses to “11,000 Thumbprints to Cambodia National Assembly – Ruling Party MPs No Where to Be Seen

  1. I translate this article and share on Facebook. But the link i provided has your name in it. Please warn me if you don’t want that to happen. Thanks Madam.

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