Borei Keila- One Year of Living in Hell

borei keila 8

Media coverage at least leads to some cleaning up in Borei Keila in the past few days.

I am totally impressed by the tenacity and courage of the victims who continue to be very vocal and united in their demand for compensation and their rights to be allowed housing in Borei Keila.

A visit to Borei Keila tells a story of development with greed and the lack of accountability of the government.

On the anniversary of the first year of demolition of Borei Keila, the remaining 109 families organized a religious ceremony for protection and blessing. The deputy district chief failed in his attempt to stop the community from showing footage of the demolition.
My colleagues and I were closely watched and photographed by secret police and local authorities.

Full story:

Video of the 1st Anniversary
: 3January, 2013


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